Buy on installments with "TBI bank"

PAYMENT IN INSTALLMENTS WITH "TBI bank" provides Users with the opportunity to purchase goods on payment from the Site through consumer credit granted by TBI Bank EAD.

  • any person who is: over 18 years of age, a Bulgarian citizen or a foreign citizen who has a permanent residence permit in the Republic of Bulgaria and a Bulgarian identity document can apply for a consumer loan,
  • amount of consumer credit - from BGN 100 to BGN 10,000 (i.e. you can order and purchase goods on installments with a total value between BGN 100 and BGN 10,000 regardless of the number and unit online selling price of the goods included in the order)
  • term for repayment of the consumer loan - from 3 months to 24 months.
  • a loan application is made online through the Site by selecting the "Payment in installments with TBI" option from the "Method of payment" when completing the order.
  • the loan approval and granting procedure is carried out entirely remotely. After completing the order, an employee of TBI Bank EAD will contact you and give you the necessary information and instructions.
  • the ordered goods will be delivered to you after TBI Bank EAD approves the granting of the consumer credit.
  • all conditions and procedures in connection with the provision of the consumer credit (conditions for application, criteria and approval procedure, repayment period, number and amount of repayment installments, interest and fees on the loan, settlement of relations in case of arrears and default on the loan and etc.) are determined unilaterally only by TBI Bank EAD.
  • does not send messages and cannot give you information about the status and outcome of the consumer credit granting procedure, but only about the status and execution of the order.
  • Please read the installment purchase conditions in more detail in Section 11 "Payment Purchase with TBI Bank" of the Terms of Use.  Please read the privacy policy HERE.

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